The Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange Trust

This Trust was set up in Australia in 2002 to help the forgotten people of a forgotten war, people who continue to live with the consequences of the war that we call the Vietnam War and that they call the American War.

The Trust’s Orange Cows projects raise money around the world to buy individual breeding cows in Vietnam for people who would not normally be able to afford them, families of Agent Orange victims in remote communes near Hue in central Vietnam. A breeding cow can secure ongoing income for them.

Members of these families suffer often terrible genetic deformities attributable to the US spraying the Agent Orange defoliant over the Vietnamese forests and countryside during the war.

Since 2007 the Trust has raised enough money to buy more than 150 cows to give to people in five communes near Hue.

Can Van with her new cow at Hong Trung 2011

Can Van with her new cow at Hong Trung 2011

In 2012 it commissioned the University of Agriculture and Forestry in Hue and the University of Tasmania in Hobart to assess its Orange Cows projects. Their investigations revealed that while the projects were meeting their objectives, in many instances the village recipients were under-equipped to cope with the cows. The mortality rate of the cattle in some communes was too high.

At the end of 2012 the trust asked the Hue University's Professor Ba and his colleagues to conduct training courses in the communes. Another aid group in Vietnam, Vets for Peace, assisted with the program.

The trust is now resuming its fundraising for the communes, to provide proper shelter and food for the cattle and to better educate the people about caring for their cattle so they can breed them and earn some money.

Prof. Ba training cow owners

Prof. Ba training cow owners

Prof. Ba with cows

Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. The money will be spent wisely, ensuring we get the best value for your dollars and that the recipients, present and future, have the best chance of optimising their opportunities with their animals.

All the money the Trust receives, 100 per cent, goes to the benefit of the recipients in Vietnam. The trustees bear all other costs themselves. This article appeared in The Weekend Australian on April 9/10 2011.

Any donation is most welcome. You can pay by PayPal on this site, send a cheque or make a direct deposit to our bank account. Donations are not tax deductible.